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Businesses who hire people with disabilities gain loyal, skilled workers who truly appreciate the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Five reasons to hire a person with a disability

  1. Market Research – Employers with a diverse workforce can more accurately tailor their products and services to a diverse customer base. People with disabilities account for 19.8% of the U.S. population and command $220 billion in spending power, two times the amount of the coveted teen market. 
  2. Employee Engagement – Employers who hire employees with disabilities have improved morale and productivity throughout the company.
  3. Customer Loyalty- Research shows that 92% of consumers reflect favorably on businesses that hire people with disabilities, and 87% prefer to do business with these same companies.
  4. Government Grants – Direct government payments up to $20,000 annually for each qualified employee may be available through programs such as the Ticket-to-Work and the Work Opportunity Act of 2007.
  5. Tax Incentives – Tax incentives such as the $5,000 Small Business Tax Credit, the $2,400 annual Disabled Access Credit and the Architectural/Transportation Barrier Removal Tax Deduction up to $15,000 may be available. 

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