Adults (after high school)

We will help you determine eligibility and can assign you with a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) who will connect you with valuable resources, answer questions, and give support based on personal goals. We can connect you with job opportunities, help you find a place to live and connect you with great opportunities.

Watch SanMar Corporation employee, Christopher Sloan, his Supervisor Allan, and Christopher’s father, Harry talk about how the SanMar team, Project Search, and the BCBDD has changed Christopher’s life!


We make it a priority to ensure the people we support have as many opportunities as possible to be gainfully employed just like everyone else. We partner with a variety of businesses, vocational service providers, and educational institutions to provide initial and ongoing support, from finding a job to keeping it. Click here for more information.

Find a Provider

If you have a waiver, you can choose a provider. Learn more about waivers here. Making the right choice for support is critical and we are here for you! We’ll give you the tools to freely select the provider, who can best support you. The Provider Search Tool offers a wealth of information about developmental disability providers from across Butler County and surrounding areas to help you make the best choice. Click here for the Provider Search Tool.

Community Involvement

Get involved with your community! Volunteer with the Give Back Crew or become an advocate with the Speak Up Self Advocacy group! Learn more here.