Birth until age 3

What is Early Intervention?

Ohio’s Early Intervention System is a partnership between Help Me Grow and the county board of developmental disabilities, serving children from birth until their 3rd birthday. Families enter the Early Intervention system through a referral to Help Me Grow. A Help Me Grow Service Coordinator is assigned to help you through the eligibility process. Once a child qualifies for Early Intervention Services, a Primary Service Provider is assigned.

Call Butler County Central Coordination to discuss program options at (513) 785-6850 or (513) 434-3322.

Families are a child’s first and best teacher

  • The assigned Primary Service Provider will:
  • Who is Eligible?
  • What happens at age three?
A Look Into the Early Intervention Program
Watch What our Early Intervention Program has Done for Julius Issa

For more information about the Butler County Department of Developmental Disabilities Early Childhood Services and Supports, call (513) 785-2800. 

To make a referral for Early Intervention services, contact Butler County Help Me Grow at (513) 434-3322