Our 2024 Strategic Plan

The Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities is dedicated to actively partnering with people to access the world. To ensure our success in that goal, we have developed the strategic plan you see below. You can download a PDF of the 2024 Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Enhance Access

  • Increase service provider capacity
  • Increase number of people using technology
  • Increase use of self-directed services
  • Increase self-advocacy efforts in the community
  • Promote culture supportive of diversity and inclusivity
  • Increase access to Board supports through opportunities for people being served and public awareness

Enrich Life Transitions

  • Improve transition of supports occurring throughout the lifespan
  • Increase the number of successful housing arrangements
  • Expand opportunities for community employment

Employee Engagement and Financial Stability

  • Enhance culture and engagement through learning and organizational development
  • Increase revenue collection to ensure financial stability to maintain services and supports to people