Service and Support Administration

Service and Support Administration

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA), is the primary point of contact for individuals who are determined eligible for services. If you are eligible for our Board services, you can request an SSA at any time and one will be assigned to you.

Watch our BCBDD staff explain what an SSA is and why the role is so important!

An SSA will…

  • Ask you what you want and need for a good life
  • Get to know you and help form a team of support to assist you with life goals
  • Help you with self-advocacy and will advocate for you when needed
  • Respect your choices
  • Help you locate, connect, and coordinate additional supports in your community
  • Monitor the services you receive

SSAs are responsible for developing person-centered plans.

Service and Support Administrators are assigned based on the needs of the person and other considerations. They are divided into teams: 

In the School Age Team, you will meet two kinds of SSA: 

  • Intake and Referral SSAs (I&R): Available as questions or support needs arise.
  • Transition/School Age SSAs: Available for support based on yearly personal goals and to assist you with developing plans for moving from school into adulthood.

In the Adult Team (no longer enrolled in school) there are two kinds of Service and Support Administrators

  • Intake and Referral SSAs (I&R): Available as questions or support needs arise.
  • Adult Age SSAs: Responsible for accessing needs, developing and authorizing supports and monitoring those services and supports.

Talk to someone in our SSA department today

If you’re having trouble reaching your SSA, you can call (513) 785-2870.