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April’s Employee Spotlight of the Month: HR Generalist Dawn Hamblin

Congratulations to Dawn Hamblin, our Employee Spotlight for the month of April! Dawn began her journey at BCBDD in 2007 in adult services as the Habilitation Assistant at Liberty Center.

“I loved working with the individuals that we served,” Dawn said. “In 2008, I began working in the Early Intervention (EI) department as an Early Intervention Aide. I worked with the specialty groups and provided care for siblings of children that participated in our programs. I also provided clerical support as needed. In 2010, I took a position still with Early Intervention as the program secretary. In 2012, I transferred to the HR department and have enjoyed every minute of it!”

Kathy Fleenor, EI Physical Therapist, said Dawn has always been her “go-to” person since she started with the board years ago.

“When she worked in admin in Early Intervention and when she moved to the front office, she has always excelled at having whatever information I needed, like a form from the State from 10 years ago, at her fingertips, in minutes,” Kathy said. “She has amazing patience with employees like me, who might need an extra explanation on enrollment forms, and special circumstances, like fingerprints! She always has a smile on her face and genuinely cares about helping employees. She also found paperwork from 10 years ago that I needed for my retirement process! She is always efficient and thorough with the enrollment period paperwork and is always super nice whenever I ask for help with forms and procedures. Dawn was also there for me when my dog, Halle, passed away, which I was so grateful for.”

Dawn says she loves interacting with all the employees because the staff are so talented, dedicated, and amazing.

“I feel the board genuinely cares about the people who receive our services and the staff that work with the people we serve,” Dawn said. “I feel encouraged to try new and more efficient processes. I think others should get into this career field because it is very meaningful work helping people and making a difference in a lot of individuals lives.”

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Dawn and HR Manager Danielle Haynes

HR Manager, Danielle Haynes, who has worked side by side with Dawn for several years says, Dawn isn’t just the glue that holds the HR department together; she’s the heartbeat that keeps us all in rhythm.

“Her impeccable organization, unwavering motivation, and proactive approach are the backbone of our team,” Danielle said. “Whether it’s lending a helping hand or taking charge of a project, Dawn’s dedication knows no bounds. Beyond her compliance-driven nature, Dawn’s genuine care and support for each employee at BCBDD shine through in everything she does. She wears multiple hats with ease, effortlessly navigating through IT solutions one moment and streamlining processes the next. Without Dawn, our HR department wouldn’t be the well-oiled machine it is today. She doesn’t just excel at her job; she elevates the entire team with her positivity and can-do attitude!

Dwight Finch, HR, and Operations Director, couldn’t agree more with Danielle adding that Dawn is a powerhouse that keeps them all running at full speed.

“Her support of the business office is also greatly appreciated,” Dwight said.

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