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March’s Employee Spotlight of the Month: Investigative Agent Mike Sweetin

Join us as we pay tribute to the incredible staff, we have here at the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities (BCBDD) through our appreciation series called “The Employee Spotlight of the Month!” Every month, we will spotlight a new employee so that we can share with the community the wonderful things our employees are doing every day!

Congratulations to Mike Sweetin, March’s Employee Spotlight winner! Mike began his work with the developmental disability population working at Camp Campbell Gard.

“For 8 years I worked in various positions such as outdoor education, summer camp, high ropes, and team building,” Mike said. “I also worked in many different coordinator positions all-encompassing an element of working with the DD population in one way or another. I then transitioned to the Program Manager at Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Fairfield work site location. I worked there for 4 years and 1 year as a tech at the main site in Woodlawn.”

After holding the Program Manager position at Ohio Valley Goodwill Fairfield, Mike took the next step in his career and joined the BCBDD in April of 2013.

“I started my BCBDD journey as an SSA in the transition world then after 5 years moved into the Transition Service Coordinator position,” Mike said. “After 3 years in that position, I became an Investigative Agent.”

During Mike’s time at the BCBDD, he has most certainly made an impact within the organization and throughout the community according to BCBDD Quality Assurance Director, Kara Frederick.

“I would say that Mike is a wonderful investigator that has been complimented not only by his peers but by providers and DODD,” Kara said. “His investigations are driven by compassion, by assuring the health and safety for people served are at the forefront of all conversations. He can have tough and direct conversations that also protect the dignity of the person. Hands down, one of the very best investigators in Ohio, right here in Butler County!”

Stephanie L. Davis, Director of Nursing at Takoda Trails recently sent an email praising Mike for his superb work in the field.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with your team at Butler DD filing unanticipated hospitalizations and working side by side with our MUI investigator to provide you with the reporting required for hospitalizations and MUI’s. When I was first made aware of this task, it consumed me and I thought, how will I ever be able to accurately and timely complete these reports? I can honestly say, if it had not been for your team, who have come along side of me to empower, teach and assist me, I would never have succeeded. There have been times when I’ve asked a million questions, had to admit mistakes or that I down right forgot something, and I’ve never been met with disdain or even disappointment. It has always been met with understanding and an opportunity to learn and do better. The team that you have is just absolutely outstanding. To know that your IA’s are our partners in caring for our people is one of the strongest tenets of the relationship. To know that we work TOGETHER, even when the work is hard, the investigations tedious, and even rocky, makes you want to work even harder. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mike Sweetin. I can’t sing his praises enough. He is always so responsive, understanding, informative and just an all-around joy to work with. He has been such an advocate in obtaining information when we’ve run into difficulties. There has never been a time that I’ve had a question or concern, or needed direction with reporting that Mike hasn’t willingly assisted.  I felt it necessary to let you know how awesome your team is (like you don’t already know) and that is an honor to be able to work alongside of them (Kara, Rebekah. Patrick included). Thank you for your leadership and thank you for allowing us the privilege to work with such wonderful people.”

Mike says that one of his favorite parts of working for the BCBDD is exactly what many working with him say recognize as one of his biggest strengths; learning from and listening to families and individuals.

“It is about helping them understand what resources may be out there and having honest conversations to try and support them, or link them up with another agency, or person who can support them to meet a need,” Mike explained. “There are teachable moments every day that I have encountered in speaking with families and when you get things right and it is appreciated, that is why I would say others should get involved in the DD field.”

Over the years working for the BCBDD, Mike says he has acquired so many great memories.

“One of the things I really enjoyed was taking part in the levy campaign ‘Dancing for our stars’ in 2013 with my ‘excellent dance skills,’ Mike said. “I’ve always really enjoyed working specifically with the schools and Butler Tech. Being a part of their programs I’ve been able to help kids move to the next level and realize they can accomplish more than they realize! I also have enjoyed working with partner agencies and providers to support others.”

Is there someone from the BDBDD that has changed you and your family’s lives? Submissions for April’s Employee Spotlight of the Month are due by Monday, April 1!

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