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January’s Employee Spotlight of the Month: SSA Dave Glock

Join us as we pay tribute to the incredible staff, we have here at the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities (BCBDD) through our appreciation series called “The Employee Spotlight of the Month!” Every month, we will spotlight a new employee so that we can share with the community the wonderful things our employees are doing every day!

Congratulations to Dave Glock, January’s Employee Spotlight winner! Dave graduated Cum Laude from Miami University with a Bachelor’s degree in Worker Relations and Communication/Family Studies in December of 2016.

“Before I graduated from Miami, I volunteered for two and half years developing and running my Caring Craftsmen initiative,” Dave said. “I knew that I had a passion for this type of work as I also volunteered in classrooms at Montgomery County ESC when I was in high school.”  

March will mark Dave’s 7-year anniversary working as an SSA for the BCBDD. According to many of Dave’s individuals that he serves his compassion, diligence, and responsiveness has been incredibly impressive. Anna Kelley, the sister of one of Dave’s individuals on his caseload, said since the initial meeting with Dave in 2019, he has not only been the “go-to” guy for answers to their family’s questions but has also guided Anna’s sister to the best of his ability.

“Our little sister moved to Butler County June 2019 after having resided in another Ohio county for most of her life,” Anna said. “Our parents, of course, handled all her care: physical, mental, and financial up to that time. Due to the death of our dad and our mom’s declining health, we, the family, made the decision to relocate her to ensure a family member was near and her continued care. Dave was assigned by his then supervisor to accompany us when visiting available housing in Butler County. He later became my sister’s SSA. Throughout our time with Dave, if he does not know an answer, he will seek the correct person we need to speak with and ask our questions himself so he learns as well to better assist other families who may have the similar questions. No matter how many times a question is asked, he calmly and kindly answers them. His answers are consistent. He will provide further explanation if needed in a calm and unhurried manner. We can always rely on him for correct information, support, and compassion. He is very knowledgeable, extremely diligent, and responsive. He ensures the annual ISP report is prepared in a timely manner with time to review before submitting. We have turned to him many times with questions and concerns as we learn to navigate the programs and the network at Butler County DD.”

Anna said that her and her family are grateful for Dave’s compassion and oversight of their little sister and that they see that same type of compassion from him shine through with all his clients.

“Dave’s guidance when requesting information and insight; and his overall friendliness and ease of interaction with each individual is incredible,” Anna said. “As required, he monitors his individuals throughout the year and is able to provide valuable insight and comment during the annual ISP review. He knows who to ask to obtain answers to our many and varied questions. Dave’s guidance as I/we understand learn and navigate a new system with new vocabulary has been a godsend.”

Anna added that Dave is constantly expressing how proud he is of his “people,” and that when he speaks of them, his voice beams with pride at all their successes both big and small.

“Personally, I have been impressed with every employee of Butler County DD who I’ve met; caring and compassionate with the best interest of the individual as the goal,” Anna said. “One family we met stated that even though we are a growing county, we act as if we are a smaller county and family oriented. Coming into this system and not knowing anything, I would agree. Keep up the good work Dave and all at Butler County DD. Your work does make a difference in the lives of many!”

Dave couldn’t agree more with Anna as he says that when he started at the BCBDD in the SSA department everyone was very welcoming, and his co-workers were always open to answer a question and help others learn the job. Dave says this has allowed him to model that openness by helping others learn and answering their questions.

“I enjoy working at the BCBDD because I can be a positive impact on individuals’ lives,” Dave said. “One of my favorite memories was when one of my individuals got their driver’s license. We used local funds to help him with going through drivers training. When he passed his driver’s test he called me excited to let me know he wanted a meeting to remove his Non-Medical Transportation provider, because he didn’t need them anymore. Things like that is one of my favorite parts of the job! I enjoy seeing my individuals grow and succeed. It feels good seeing them get jobs, be promoted, and get raises.  Some of my biggest joys are seeing my individuals start at adult day programs where they get excited to attend, look forward to, and build friendships as well as starting vocational habilitation to build skills that lead to employment. Really seeing them enjoying their life is why I love this job.”

2 men indoors standing side by side smiling
Dave and an individual on his caseload, Nicholas Drennan!

We love to see your compassion shine through to all the individuals and their families that you serve, Dave! Keep up the fantastic work!

Is there someone from the BDBDD that has changed you and your family’s lives? Submissions for February’s Employee Spotlight of the Month are due by Friday, February 2!

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