Celebrating 50 Years of Support

Birth to 3 Years Old

The Butler County Board of DD provides services to the young children in our county in partnership with Help Me Grow and the local school districts. Butler County DD is a service provider to families whose children have been deemed eligible through the Help Me Grow System under the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Early Intervention Services.

Once a child has been deemed eligible for services under the Part C guidelines of IDEA, Help Me Grow can assist the family to access a variety of services that fit each child’s individual needs.  Early Intervention services offered by the Butler County Board of DD are funded by local tax dollars and are provided in the child's natural environment such as the home, day care, or other places where the family may spend time. Because the family is the child’s first and best teacher, Early Intervention services are delivered in a coaching model with the caregiver and are based on the family’s existing routines. Butler County DD is very proud of collaborating with Help Me Grow and our Butler County School Districts to ensure quality services for your child.

Early Intervention Services
Families enter Butler County DD Early Intervention Services by contacting Help Me Grow at (513) 785-6850 to request an evaluation.

This short video explains how Early Intervention works:

To be eligible for Early Intervention Part C services the child must be showing a delay in one of these areas of concern: problem solving, social skills, motor skills, communication skills, self-help skills, or behavioral/emotional skills, and/or may have a medical condition that adversely effects the child's growth and development. On your initial visit an "intake team" representing Help Me Grow and Butler County DD will evaluate your child to determine if he/she qualifies for services. If your child is determined eligible and exhibits a developmental delay, then Help Me Grow and Butler County DD will work collaboratively to meet the needs of your child and family until the third birthday.

Click here to access Ohio's Early Intervention website.

Preschool Services
The Butler County Board of DD Early Intervention Department works cooperatively with School Districts to make sure that any child turning three and preparing to transition to their local school district with an IEP is given the opportunity to succeed. Pertinent information is shared with your school district, and parents are supported by the Early Intervention Staff to build a relationship with the school district. Butler County School Districts follow the Ohio Department of Education guidelines in determining Preschool eligibility. For information about Preschool Services contact your local school district or Help Me Grow at (513) 785-6850(513) 785-6850. 

For more information about the Butler County Department of Developmental Disabilities Early Childhood Services and Supports, contact Melissa Ward-Brown at (513) 785-4657.

To make a referral for Early Intervention services, contact Butler County Help Me Grow at (513) 785-6850.