Celebrating 50 Years of Support

Our Services

Who We Support

We support people who have developmental disabilities who live in Butler County, Ohio. Developmental disabilities are caused by problems that occur before a person is born or before they turn 22 years old. Disabilities could be caused by an injury, a disease, or a problem in the brain. For many people, the cause of their developmental disability is not known. Disabilities effect a person's development and last his or her whole life. Developmental disabilities can be intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, or both. There are many different kinds of disabilities. The most common are: autism spectrum disorderscerebral palsyDown syndromeepilepsyintellectual disabilitiesFragile-X syndromespina bifida, and a traumatic brain injury*. (Click here for more web resources on the different types of developmental disabilities.)

Our Services

Life-long services are available through contracts with partner agencies or directly by our Board. 

Overview of services:

  • Community Services for Adults: Programs are provided that promote learning and skill acquisition. 
  • Early Intervention: The Early Intervention team includes Developmental Specialists and Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. Staff provide assessments and coaching to families with young children up to 3 years old.
  • Eligibility and Referral: This department of Support Coordinators determine eligibility for people with disabilities ages 3 and up. They help with diagnosis verification and administration of an eligibility screening instrument.
  • Employment Services: The Board partners with provider agencies to support individuals with job training, job development, and with finding jobs in the community.
  • Service and Support Coordination: Support Coordinators assess the need and arrange for support for people ages 3 and up. They develop service plans and inform families and caregivers about available community supports and services, which may include residential supports available through partner agencies.
  • Quality Assurance: Board staff investigate and review reports of abuse and neglect, and monitor compliance rules.