Vaccine Distribution Update

We are excited to give you an update on our vaccine distribution efforts to date.

Our agency is working diligently with the Butler County General Health District, the City of Hamilton Health Department, and the City of Middletown Health Department to get the vaccine out to as many people in our system as possible!

Through our combined efforts, we have successfully given access to everyone in Governor DeWine’s Phase 1A group of his distribution plan. For us, that’s people living in congregate settings as well as their direct support staff.

Our next effort will focus on Phase 1B. According to the governor’s plan, this phase includes adults “living with severe, congenital, developmental or early-onset medical disorders.”

We are working carefully with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities as well as our local health departments to determine exactly who this phase expands access to as well as when those vaccines will become available. You can learn more about the Ohio Department of Health’s criteria for Phase 1B here.

We want you to know, we are excited to get this out to as many as possible and we are working very hard to help ensure your safety. If you fit into this category, we’ll be in touch as soon as vaccines are available. Anyone who has elected to not receive the vaccine during phase 1A is still eligible during 1B.

If you plan to get the vaccine and are offered the opportunity through your healthcare provider, employer, pharmacy, or your local health department, you do not need to wait to hear from us!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to your SSA or call our main number at (513) 785-2800.
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