Meet Duane!

Meet Duane! If you stop by the Fairfield Skyline on Hicks Boulevard, chances are you’ll run into someone (or many people) who know Duane. He’s been a fixture there for 32 years washing dishes, busing tables, and making his customers and co-workers smile. Duane would happily work every day, but then he’d have less time for his various other interests. He’s an excellent artist, especially when he works with glass at InsideOut Studio. He also loves taking walks, watching TV shows (especially COPS), and going on cruises with his mom and his friends from The Friendship Club, a group of local families who get together once a month. Duane’s favorite Skyline customer is Kim Nuxhall, son of Joe, the beloved Cincinnati Reds icon. Duane plays softball at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League in Fairfield. In addition to his work at Skyline, Duane is also an honorary fireman in Ross. He gets to ride the trucks sometimes, participates in parades, and hangs out with the firefighters. As if being an honorary firefighter wasn’t impressive enough, Duane is also a Special Deputy Sheriff with Butler County and has the badge to prove it. Duane participates in Special Olympics in track and field events, swimming, bocce ball and bowling. He also participates in Miami University’s Best Buddies. Keep up the excellent work, Duane!

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