a blue graphic with stars and a headshot of a woman smiling with text that reads, "February's DSP of the Month: Jamie Estep, Jamie has gone above and beyond for me to make sure I am taking care of each week. She helps me shop, meal prep, and makes sure that my house stays spotlessly clean every week. She is my provider, Tuesday staff, and Tuesday best friend!”

DSP of the Month: Jamie Estep

Congratulations to Jamie Estep, February’s Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Month!

Jamie has been in Healthcare since 1998.

“I started in housekeeping and worked my way to become an STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide),” Jamie said. “When my grandma started becoming sick, I wanted to help her. I knew I loved caring for others and helping people. I loved working in the nursing home, but always wanted something more, and wanted to move up in the company. I found LCD Agency Services hiring post on Craigslist, looking for a Manager, and I applied, and I was offered the position, and accepted it in August of 2018. I moved up within the company, and now I am a Business Manager.”

Although Jamie is now a Business Manager at LCD, she says she loves working in the field and has two clients that she can’t imagine giving up; one of those clients being Brennen Kinch who Jamie has worked with since December of 2018.

“It has been rewarding being Brennen’s provider, as he has had staff that has not been me, and they’ve just not worked out for one reason or another,” Jamie said. “Since I have been with Brennen, he has surpassed his outcomes every year we help with creating these for him. He started out not cooking, and just ordered meals via DoorDash. Since we started cooking and meal prepping, he has been able to save money. He even was able to buy himself a new living room set last year! When Brennen needs to vent, or has any kind of news, good or bad, he always sends me a text, ‘Do you have a few so we can talk,’ and of course I call him. He really is what makes my week better, I enjoy hanging out with him, as much as he loves me being there with him and for him. We call each other ‘Tuesday Best Friends.” 

Brennen said that his “Tuesday Best Friend” has changed his life in more ways than one!

“For the past five years or so Jamie has gone above and beyond for me to make sure I am taking care of each week,” Brennen said. “She helps me to shop, meal prep, and she make sure that my house stays spotlessly clean every week. Jamie is the manager of LCD and has lots of things that she has to deal with on a weekly basis, but yet she still comes to my house on Tuesdays and helps me to do all of the things that I need help with. She also takes me to my doctor’s appointments and to my friend Morgan’s! We also always have such good talks together, and I always feel like she has my back no matter what. She gives me very good advice, and I value her opinions very much. She is not only my provider but also my Tuesday best friend!”

Jamie’s experience with her clients has inspired her to encourage others to look into becoming a DSP.

“Being a DSP makes you feel like you have done something, and not for yourself,” Jamie said. “This job is so much more than just a job, or a paycheck. You feel rewarded at the end of each day. I love caring for other and seeing people smile!”

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