DSP of the Month – Alexis Kremer

Congratulations to our DSP of the Month: Alexis Kramer, Company Director at Lordess Care and Medtrans.

Alexis was nominated by SSA Sydney Cook who had the following to say:

“Alexis Kramer with Lordess Care agency is by far the most impressive DSP I have worked alongside in my five years as an SSA with BCBDD. Alexis is not only the Company Director for Lordess Care, but also steps up and provides direct care to individuals when needed.

I have witnessed Alexis join a team to assist an individual with all aspects of transitioning into adulthood and gone above her duties to ensure that the individual’s needs are met and continued to be met. Alexis has gone to medical appointments, school appointments, day program tours with family/staff, etc. Alexis has also ensured the transportation of not only the client as well as providing accommodations to transport the individual’s only support to appointments to ensure that everyone could actively participate.

The most heartwarming incident that I encountered with Alexis is; one day I received notification that the school had concerns and wanted to update the team. I passed along information to Alexis so she could be aware. With permission from the individual’s grandmother (who does not drive), Alexis immediately went to the school to check on the individual and listen to the school’s concerns in a more in-depth conversation. She followed up with all their concerns and worked on a resolution. Alexis is a phenomenal problem-solver and hands-on at all times!”

If you know of an outstanding DSP, you can nominate them here: https://www.butlerdd.org/dsp-appreciation/