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Records Request

A person who receives services from our Board is an “enrollee.” All information contained in an enrollee’s record, including what is retained or transmitted electronically and verbally shall be considered confidential. The Board shall not use or disclose Protected Health Information (PHI), beyond what is otherwise permitted or required by law, without a signed authorization in accordance with Board procedures. 

Authorization to release information forms must be submitted to:

Butler County Board of DD Records Department

282 N. Fair Avenue

Hamilton, OH 45011

Or by E-mail:


If you do not have a form, you may utilize our agency’s form.  Be sure to choose the correct form depending on what type of information is being requested. If you are requesting records for an enrollee’s that include records of diagnosis and/or treatment of a drug or alcohol condition, click here for the form. If you are releasing records for an enrollee that does NOT include records of a diagnosis and/or treatment of a drug or alcohol condition, click here.  

Records & Retention, Lynne Hibbard, Data Management Coordinator, (513) 785-2872 or llhibbard@butlerdd.org  

Public Records Policy Poster

The Public Records Policy of the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities guides employees in making available the materials to which the public is entitled by law. The policy appears, in full, in the BCBDD’s Policies and Procedures Manual. Also, a copy of the most recent edition of the Ohio Sunshine Laws: An Open Government Resource Manual, which explains open records laws, is available free at www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/YellowBook.


To review the Public Policy Poster click here.   


The records of the BCBDD are subject to records retention schedules, which are available here.