Celebrating 50 Years of Support


Butler County DD Community Recognition Award Winners

At the board’s annual dinner, we celebrated 50 years of service and honored six individuals and businesses who made a significant impact on the lives of people with developmental disabilities. This video features our award winners in a unique and fun way. Watch to get to know our winners a little better and to learn why people with disabilities make our communities richer!

A Meaningful Life

Services for adults with developmental disabilities have changed a lot over the years. In the past, adults had limited options on how they spent their day - they could learn employment skills in a workshop alongside their peers, or they could attend a center for day habilitation services. In 2016 we closed our day habilitation center, as many services for adults were provided in the community, not without our walls. This video highlights how Joel spends his day. Joel is leading a meaningful life, and his days are spent doing what he wants to do: he's out in the community working and volunteering.

Just Right Videos

The self advocacy group Speak Up is creating a series of videos featuring superhero Mr. Right and his sidekick Mrs. Responsibility. The videos are intended to help people with disabilities to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Super Bowl Commercials

We're very fortunate to be able to purchase air time during Super Bowl Sunday on February 7, 2016 from Channel 12 at a deeply discounted price. The commercials are short, just 4 seconds long, but they will air more than 40 times during game day. The four counties in our COG - Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren - will each have their own 4-second commercial. Click on the videos below watch them and look for them on Super Bowl Sunday! 

Employment Commercial

Here's our commercial about our Employment initiative that aired on WKRC Channel 12 in 2015.

Star 64 Commercials

In partnership with Local 12 WKRC, we produced two commercials that aired during Star 64's Afternoon at the Movies this past summer. The two videos featured Chase, a young man who works at Miami University, and Keith, the Board's Employment Services Coordinator. 

Annual Awareness Videos

Each year we create an awareness video to help educate the community about the supports we provide.

2015 Employment Works Video - longer format

The 2015 video is all about employment! This longer, six minute video includes a 30-second commercial that will air on TV in March and April.

2015 Employment Works Video - short format

Here is the 30-second commercial by itself:

Your Support Makes a Difference Commercial

Our 2014 video is a 30-second commercial that we aired on local television stations during the month of March. The video features a few of the 2,800 people we support. Check it out!

Your Support Makes a Difference Video - longer format

We also produced a longer format video that played at our Community Recognition Dinner on April 6. This longer version explains a bit more about our services and the people we support:

Because of Your Support

2013's video, called Because of Your Support, features scenes from Jonathan's life. Because of your support, Jonathan is living a full life:

Respect for All: Communicating with Respect and Dignity

This 2011 video was produced in conjunction with the Southwest Ohio Council of Governments (comprised of the County Boards of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren). It offers tips on how to communicate more effectively - speaking directly to a person and being patient are important!


A 2011 video explaning the "Together" awareness slogan.

Erase the R Word

A 2010 six minute video explaining the "Erase the 'R' Word" slogan. The video includes the public service announcement and the radio commercial for 2010.


The 2008 Awareness Video featured the story of how the Butler County Board of DD began and where it's going.