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February’s Employee Spotlight of the Month: SSA Holle Metz

Join us as we pay tribute to the incredible staff, we have here at the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities (BCBDD) through our appreciation series called “The Employee Spotlight of the Month!” Every month, we will spotlight a new employee so that we can share with the community the wonderful things our employees are doing every day!

Congratulations to Holle Metz, February’s Employee Spotlight winner! Holle started her career as a DSP working with individuals with complex medical or behavioral needs in 2007.

“It was a big change for me as I had previously been working in public relations,” Holle said. “I really enjoyed my work; I loved helping others access the world so they could be involved and accepted. Shortly after, I became a home manager, then a program manager. I worked for several agencies in Warren and Hamilton County. I later became a supervisor at day programs. During my time working in homes, I assisted individuals with riding rollercoasters, travelling, and attending all sorts of sporting events. I even took one of m y folks to Ireland twice!”

Holle began her journey as an SSA with the BCBDD in 2019 and immediately made a positive impact with her individuals on her caseload and the SSA department.

Holle goes above and beyond for all her clients,” Hollie’s SSA team lead Tayler Stroup said. “She has taken on difficult clients and worked well with their teams to address barriers and helped them succeed. She’s a great team player and is always willing to help out. You can tell that working in this field is not just a job for her. Holle has advocated for a client whose furnace oil has been out by completing multiple applications for SELF, making multiple trips to his home to get documents, and communicating with providers. Holle is always thinking out of the box and brainstorming the best ways to get her clients’ needs met.”

Dena Freeman, Holle’s SSA Supervisor, couldn’t agree more that Holle’s passion for what she does and dedication to the individuals she serves is amazing to see.

“Holle is a great asset to our agency and everyone that she works with,” Dena said. “She can handle conflict and difficult situations with poise and professionalism. She has volunteered to take on hard to serve individuals and always maintains professionalism and empathy. She works with several teams that are high need and she is always thinking of ways to be productive and dedicated to the individuals. She has become an SSA 2 which is a great show of her expertise in her position. Holle is great and continues to amaze me. She has an intense family that she works with and regardless of their behavior, she has maintained her calmness and dedication to assisting the individual. I wish that I had her half of her skills and patience!”

Holle says she loves her job and seeing the individuals on her caseload grow and overcome their obstacles is the best part of being an SSA.

“I enjoy working with teams to find ways to help others live their best lives,” Holle said. “One individual on my caseload went from having 24 hour in person supports, to remote supports, to now being able to have limited supports and it has made a huge impact on their happiness. Another individual on my caseload is working on administering her own insulin so she can join the traveling basketball team, which is a big goal for her.”

a man and a woman hugging one another
Holle shared this very special picture of herself and an individual she worked with who has since passed away. Holle says, “he was like a brother to me.”

Holle says she loves working for the BCBDD because the work environment is very supportive, and everyone has the common goal to create a better, more inclusive world.

“I think that this job really helps to make a difference for a population of people that are often disregarded,” Holle said.

Is there someone from the BDBDD that has changed you and your family’s lives? Submissions for March’s Employee Spotlight of the Month are due by Friday, March 1!

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