Courtney Hineman gives a 10 Year BCBDD Milestone Award to Lisa Guliano at Fairfield Receptions Banquet Center.

Milestone Achievements are Celebrated at the Annual All-Staff Meeting!

There is something to be said about longevity within the workplace and the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities (BCBDD) couldn’t be prouder of creating an environment where our employees dedicate years of service to the greater good. That’s why we’re honoring our staff who are celebrating a milestone work anniversary in 2022. This year, we had about 30 employees to celebrate work anniversaries ranging from 5 all the way to 30 years of service!

On Friday, May 13, our entire organization came together for the 2022 All-Staff Meeting which was held at Receptions in Fairfield. In addition to all of the fun team-building activities and inspirational guest speakers, our superintendent, Lisa Guliano, announced the recipients for the Milestone Awards while Connie Mehlman, Community Connections Coordinator, presented each award winner with a beautiful piece of art from InsideOut Studio.

Each staff member that received a Milestone Award is listed in the slideshow below. You may also read a list of the Milestone Award recipients at the bottom of the page.

The 2022 Milestone Award Winners are as follows:

5 Years

  • Alyssa Smith
  • Amy Winkler
  • Elizabeth Grove
  • Amanda Marcum
  • Stephanie Lynch
  • Hayley Michael
  • Shawna Holston
  • Jodi Stockhoff
  • Deneen Trombetti
  • Cathy Borders
  • Kimberly Grimes
  • Linda Settle

10 Years

  • Lisa M Guliano
  • Hailey Quinn
  • Wendy Welch
  • Mary Feltner
  • Kara Frederick
  • Christine Obregon-Anderson
  • Sarah Silva
  • Michelle Thistle
  • Jacquie Ferguson
  • Tina Collins
  • Jamie McGuire

15 Years

  • Christa Cooper
  • Jenny Vogelgesang
  • Dawn Hamblin
  • Jeff Hamblin

20 Years

  • Kellie Kist
  • Valita Hurst
  • Sherry Dillon

30 Years

  • Diana I Taylor
  • Jim S Lambert

We would like to extend a congratulations to all those that received a Milestone award! We appreciate the dedication and passion that all of you bring to the BCBDD and those that we serve within the community!

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