Meet Rebecca!

When she’s not working at one of her two jobs, Rebecca enjoys dancing, reading, writing, fashion and spending time with her family, pets, and friends. According to her mom, Jenny, she has an incredible memory, a great sense of humor, and an amazing vocabulary. Rebecca is currently interning with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati (DSAGC), performing office duties and learning about the non-profit world. She recently attended a hearing at City Hall with the DSAGC, which was advocating on behalf of a resolution encouraging the city of Cincinnati to increase the percentage of city employees who have disabilities. “We were able to see a vote that was all yeses,” she says. Rebecca also works part time at local clothing store called Altar’d State.

Rebecca is currently reading the classic Agatha Christie mystery Murder on the Orient Express. She’s looking forward to watching the movie once she wraps up the book. Rebecca is a big wordsmith. She enjoys learning new words and their meanings and maintains an ever-growing list, though she tends to memorize the meanings very quickly. She loves to write, too. “I’m famous for my thank you notes,” she says.

Rebecca also loves her ballroom dance class, especially the tango. She’s been a part of the group for more than nine years, which recently participated as entertainers at this year’s annual DSAGC Buddy Walk.

Rebecca has two sisters, a niece, and a new nephew on the way. “I can’t wait to meet him,” she says. The family fosters a dog named Eddie and has two other dogs, as well, including one named Crash. “His name is very appropriate,” she says.

Rebecca and her family receive support from the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Rebecca has been able to take part in job coaching and retention services, as well as receiving transportation services to and from InsideOut Studio in Hamilton, where she creates art and earns an income.  

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