Physical Therapist

Position: Physical Therapist

Location: JCC - 282 N Fair Ave, Hamilton, Ohio 45011 (remote work option; family home visits required)

Ending: December 31, 2022, 12:00 am

Full Time

Salary: $70,000.00 Annually

Job Description

Plan and conduct visits within natural environments using evidence based practices, with a variety of families with varying educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • Use extensive education in activity analysis, application of theoretically based strategies, critical thinking, evidence based research, and code of ethics to assess, collaborate, and implement strategies with families and team members.

Conduct developmental evaluations and assessments for intake as well as ongoing progress.

  • Use a variety of standardized testing, observations, interviews, histories, and screening tools using expertise in the field of PT to be able to implement strategies in the areas of gross motor, mobility, self- care function, assistive technology, medical/health care of the child and across developmental domains.
  • Use abstract reasoning, analytical methods, problem-solving, and clinical reasoning to develop, adjust, add to, and/or revamp individualized strategies being tried in the home and community.

Maintain daily work schedules and prioritize activities/visits to accommodate needs of teams while maintaining own caseload.  Monitor timelines and schedule accordingly.

  • Serve as PSP for appropriate children with high PT needs while providing a high percentage of joint visits with other team members.
  • Help organize and run specialized groups and programs pertaining to physical therapy knowledge and expertise as warranted (Go Baby Go, Sensory Motor Open Gym, Treadmill Program, and Aquatic Therapy) and develop appropriate forms for liability, indemnification and procedures to ensure that the agency delivers safe services to the client and families.

Assess adaptive equipment needs to enhance activities of functional skills.

  • Keep current through continuing education, professional literature, catalog review, and networking of equipment in the public domain and therapy sectors.
  • Keep aware of inventory of available equipment for loaning to families.
  • Design and construct adaptive equipment for use in the homes.
  • Provide families information about adaptive equipment needs of child including, but not limited to wheelchairs, walkers, standers, positioning equipment and orthotics.

Prepare for and participate in trans-disciplinary team meetings.

  • Provide coverage to multiple teams and manage travel in large geographical region.
  • Prepare handouts, information, and extensive research necessary to provide appropriate strategies to team members after team meeting consultations &/or joint visits.

Maintain positive working relationship with families, co-workers and partner agencies.

  • Demonstrate flexibility with individuality of team meetings and members across geographical teams.
  • Work cooperatively with medical agencies and insurance companies to secure needed prescriptions for orthotics, mobility devices, and DME (Durable Medical Equipment); write LMN (Letters of Medical Necessity) for said equipment; and make other medical recommendations as needed (adhering to medical precautions and contraindications and educating team members as needed).
  • Work with partnering agencies to obtain funding for equipment for families and specialty programs.
  • Provide in-service to staff on a variety of topics considered mastered by physical therapists through practices, experience, &/or continuing education including, but not limited to, adaptive equipment, neuromuscular and orthopedic issues, plagiocephaly, torticollis, muscle tone, mobility issues, gross motor development, postural alignment, swimming techniques, and application of motor development during routines.

Pursue a commitment to increase knowledge and skills in order to stay current with standards and ethics, professional liability, and practices of the PT profession.

Job Requirement

  • Licensed Physical Therapist.
  • 1 year professional or educational experience in Early Intervention or related field


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