Image shows a smiling woman. Text reads: "I have learned that I can make a difference and help to enrich the lives of individuals that I work with!"

DSP of the Month – Patty Adkins

Congratulations to January’s DSP of the Month: Patty Adkins!

Patty has worked at ECI, Inc. for 24 years! She has impacted many lives and last year, literally saved a life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver!

She was nominated by our SSA, Leanne Bowling who had the following to say:

Patty is the type of person who would give you the shirt off of her back. She is an excellent DSP. Not only is she extremely responsive to any requests made by others, but the individuals receiving her services respect and love her dearly. I have witnessed her working with individuals who have some challenging actions, but because she takes the time to make each person feel special and important, they respect her tremendously and respond well to her. Oh, and did I mention that she performed the Heimlich Maneuver on an individual last October and saved that person’s life?? She LITERALLY saved someone’s life. I know that he and his family are extremely grateful that she was in his life and working with him on that day.

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