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Q1 Answer

A. We are always looking for good, qualified providers in Butler County. However, our services are voluntary and individuals choose who they want to provide those services. Because of this, we cannot accurately estimate the number of providers who will be working at any time. There is no guarantee that as a certified provider, you will be selected to provide services in Butler County.

What does Free Choice of Provider mean?

Individuals have the right to choose whom they want to provide any services that are Medicaid funded. That includes services accessed using your Level 1, Individual Options or SELF Waiver, Supported Living or Individual Budgets. Services might include:

Homemaker/Personal Care
Social Work
Specialized Equipment
Environmental Adaptations
Supported Employment
Day Habilitation

Medicaid funded services must be provided by a provider certified by the Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities.
Individuals are free to mix and match service and providers. Depending on the person’s needs, they may choose one or several providers.

Individuals may select any agency or individual currently certified to provide the service needed or may identify a person they would like to use as a provider and ask them to become a certified provider.

Support Coordinators can assist with the selection process.

They can help access the ODDD website in order to identify eligible providers
They can help set up interviews
They can help draft questions
They can attend interviews
BUT they cannot select a provider for an individual

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