Celebrating 50 Years of Support

Board Staff

Board Members and Key Staff 

The Board's main phone number is (513) 785-2800.

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The Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities includes:

Tony Yocco, President
Dr. Dale French, Vice-President
Richard Meier, Recording Secretary

Laddie Henninger
Jacquelyn Phillips                                                                                                                                                           Jacqueline Rioja Velarde                                                                                                                                                  Connie Sullivan 

The Board approves policies and contracts and the annual plan and budget of the agency. The Board generally meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Call (513) 785-2800. The Board agenda and an archive of Board minutes can be found here.

Leadership Team

The Board of Developmental Disabilities' Leadership Team includes the Superintendent, Business Services Director, Community Services Director, Service and Support Director, Early Intervention Manager, Human Resources and Operations Director, and Quality Assurance Director. 

Lisa Guliano, Superintendent, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency. She can be reached at (513) 785-2816.

Sherry Dillon, Community Services Director, is responsible for eligibility and referral services, as well as oversight of the Early Intervention Department, including Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies, and the Board's employment and advocacy initiatives. She also supervises the Community Relations team staff. She can be reached at (513) 785-2875.

Dwight Finch, HR and Operations Director, can be reached at (513) 785-2805. Dwight's responsibility is to plan, organize, direct and monitor the Board's Human Resources Department and Board Operations. He oversees the following departments: Human Resources, Information Technology, Maintenance, Records, Custodial, and Records.

Kara Frederick, is Director of Quality Assurance, which is the department that responds to reports of abuse, neglect or other major unusual incidents and is responsible for the compliance of residential providers. Her department also includes nursing staff who provide input and support to individuals with medical needs, as well as conduct specialized supports in the area of consulting and the Trauma Informed/Responsive Care model to support individuals. In addition, the department oversees provider compliance and support services contracted through the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments. She can be reached at (513) 785-4677.

Danielle Haynes, Human Resources Supervisor, is responsible for new hire orientation, labor relations, worker's compensation, employee's DODD certifications and FMLA. She can be reached at (513) 785-2810.

Hailey Quinn, Business Services Director, administers general accounting, budgetary accounting, internal auditing, financial projections, waiver administration, billing, accounts payable and payroll. She can be reached at (513) 785-2815.

Jennifer Rice, SSA Director, oversees Services and Support Administration including eligibility and referral services. She supervises services that administratively support people (Support Coordinators) served and their families. She can be reached at (513) 785-2803.

Melissa Ward-Brown, Early Intervention Manager, is responsible for managing the Early Intervention program, which serves families with children birth to age three, as well as the Family Focus Department. She can be reached at (513) 785-4657.

Community Teams

Service and Support Administrators, also known as Support Coordinators, connect people to services in the community as well as within the agency. They assess needs and develop person centered plans for individuals. Supports may include eligibility and referral, linkage to housing, and training opportunities including employment and day program options within the community, and positive behavior supports.

Team Supervisors: Teresa Brand (513) 217-2562, Andrew Riley, (513) 785-4641 Tracy Shepherd (513) 785-3616 and Ron Smith (513) 785-4233.

Community Connections, Employment & Advocacy

Connie Mehlman, Bri Combs and Jenny Schultz are Community Connections Coordinators. They can be reached via email at communityconnections@butlerdd.org. Their role is to increase awareness of services provided by our Board, to provide education to the community about how to best support people with developmental disabilities, and to take action by creating opportunities for individuals and families to interact, participate, work and develop relationships in the community. They also support the advocacy group Speak Up and the transition-age groups SALT and PEPA

Lynne Hibbard, Employment Services Coordinator, assists people the Board supports to access job opportunities in their communities through developing and maintaining strong working relationships with families, employers, Butler County Ohio Means Jobs, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Butler Tech, local schools, and the employment services providers the Board partners with. The main goal is to help develop as many employment options as possible, in order to make the supported employment process timely, with the best outcomes, including not just getting the job, but keeping it. Lynne can be reached at (513) 785-2872.