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Support Coordination

Service and Support Administration (SSA)

Service and Support Administrators, also known as Support Coordinators or SSAs, connect people to services in the community as well as within the agency. They assess needs and develop person centered plans for individuals. Supports may include eligibility and referral, linkage to housing, and training opportunities including employment and day program options within the community, and positive behavior supports.

SSA’s are geographically located in Butler County in community teams in the Fairfield, Hamilton, and Middletown. The Support Coordinators are committed to supporting and empowering individuals who use DD services so they can make decisions about how they can live their lives.

Key Processes within the SSA Department:

  • Eligibility and Referral
  • Assess needs and develop the person centered plans
  • Development of positive strategies when individuals engage in actions that may cause harm to themselves or others
  • Establish budgets for service provision
  • Choose providers
  • Manage Family resource services
  • Crisis Management
  • Monitor services

Other supports may include:

  • Helping people to become more connected in their communities.
  • Helping people manage their money so they can figure out what they can afford.
  • Ensuring that each individual served has a designated person to provide representation, advocacy, advice and assistance related to the day to day coordination of services in accordance to his/her plan.
  • Assisting families to make future life plans (for their family member with a developmental disability) for a time when they are no longer able to care or provide direct support.
  • The SSA Department is committed to supporting and empowering individuals who use DD services so they may make informed decisions for themselves.

When an individual or family is requesting the supports of a Support Coordinator, assignment is based on age or a specialty need of the individual. Assignments are based upon the following:

  • School age: for ages 3-13
  • Transition: ages 14-22 (or until exit from high school) – by school district
  • Adult: ages 22 and older
  • Information & Referral: For those individuals who have no specific needs but want someone to call when they have a question.
  • Bi-Lingual (Spanish) Case Load
  • Behavioral Health Team Case load
  • Behavior Supports Case load

More Information
Eligibility and Referral
Referrals can be made by calling: (513) 785-4683 or emailing: eligibilityservices@butlerdd.org. 

Support Coordination

All Support Coordination staff are housed at our Liberty-Fairfield Office: 5645 Liberty-Farifield Road, Hamiton, OH 40511. Call (513) 785-2870.