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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department responds to and investigates reports of abuse, neglect, theft or other major unusual incidents (MUIs), completes mandated quality assurance (QA) reviews and medication administration QA reviews, monitors provider compliance and provides support to new and existing providers, and manages and maintains client records and confidentiality.

The MUI Department investigates all major unusual incidents (MUIs). A major unusual incident is defined as any alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence of an incident that adversely affects the health and welfare of an individual.

There are nineteen types of incidents defined in the rule that are considered major unusual incidents (MUIs). All of the incidents require that immediate action is taken to protect individuals from further harm, that an investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the incident and contributing factors, and that a prevention plan is developed to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

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To report a Major Unusual Incident, contact Rebekah Lyons via email at mui@butlerdd.org or by phone at (513) 867-5992, by fax at (513) 887-8028 or after normal business hours call (513) 867-5913.

Quality Assurance
The Butler County Board of DD takes many steps to ensure the quality of services being provided including providing assistance and supports to service providers and completing a variety of specific reviews aimed at monitoring service quality.

Provider Relations/Provider Compliance Reviews
The Provider Relations Coordinator works closely with private agencies or individuals who want to provide/or do provide residential support to individuals on the waiver. They also work with all providers, when needed, to help them through the certification process to be a waiver provider and provide on-going training and support to private providers. The provider relations coordinator also completes mandated provider compliance reviews. These reviews allow monitoring for compliance with rules and regulations. These reviews are completed on a regular basis but may also be completed as a “special” review in response to complaints or concerns regarding a provider.

Medication Administration Quality Assurance Reviews
The Quality Assurance RN provides technical assistance and support to provider and county board staff regarding best practices providing care to individuals receiving services. The QARN also completes mandated medication administration reviews to ensure that medication administration and health related activities are provided by certified staff in a safe and competent manner.

Staff Contact Information

Quality Assurance Director, Kara Frederick, (513) 785-4677 or email.

Secretary, Quality Assurance Department, Nancy Morris, (513) 785-4674 or email.

Intake Investigative Agent, Rebekah Lyons, (513) 867-5992 or email.

Investigative Agents: 

  • Patrick Campbell, (513) 785-4673 or email.
  • Joan O'Hair, (513) 785-4675 or email.
  • Ralph Hernandez, (513) 785-4676 or email.

RN/Quality Assurance, Kathy Tallon, (513) 785-4678 or email