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Erase the R Word

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Erase the 'R' Word is a slogan we came up with in 2010. We produced a video, a 30-second commercial and printed pieces around the slogan.

In 2009 the Butler County Board of MRDD became the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Why did we change our name? Because the people we serve asked us to drop the MR term. They told us they were tired of being called the R word and they were tired of having to carry the MR label.

It is often attitudinal barriers that affect everyday life for people with developmental disabilities. In addressing those barriers through positive awareness efforts, fears and negative attitudes can be replaced with knowledge and understanding and most importantly, respect. The goal of our Erase the R Word campaign is to help people realize just how hurtful the word is. The R word is oftentimes carelessly used as slang.

Erase the R Word Video

Erase the R Word Resources

While we use our phrase Erase the R Word here locally in Butler County, there is a nationwide movement to end the use of the hurtful term. Here are some online resources:

Coloring Books for children - this is a print-it-yourself version of our coloring book for kids called Learn About Disabilities.

R-Word.org - Spread the Word to End the Word - this website asks users to pledge to stop using the R word and has a great library of resources.

Special Olympics - Fighting the R Word, Worldwide - stories about how people have dealt with others carelessly using the word.

My Mission: End the R Word - a blog post by Eddie Barbanell, a well known actor and advocate for people with intellectual disabilities.

Brother Leads Effort to Erase the R Word at School - a story from our local newspaper about a local boy's efforts.

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