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Logo Use and Images

Logo Use

 To maintain consistency with our brand, we implement logo standards. 

You may use our logo if you adhere to the following logo standards:

  • The colors in our logo may not be substituted for any other color except for all black or all white. 
  • The logo is rectangular in shape and may not be resized to any other shape.
  • The logo may not have a box or a circle put around it. 

Click here to download the Logo Guidelines.

Click here to request JPEG or .EPS files of our logo.

For all logo inquiries, contact Karen Pike via email or via phone: (513) 785-2816. 



Photo Use

The photos displayed on our website and within our publications, may not, under any circumstance, be reproduced and/or used on any other website, printed piece or presentation, without explicit written consent. Send all inquires to: info@butlerdd.org