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dalton feature.jpgMeet Dalton!

Meet Dalton! He is a cheerful, active 21-month-old who keeps his mom Angie on her toes. When Dalton was born as a 23-week-old preemie, Angie says the medical team didn’t give the family a lot of hope. His twin passed away shortly after birth, and Dalton spent five long months in the NICU. Earlier this year, he received a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. “Statistically, boys do worse, twins do worse early, but he proved everybody wrong,” Angie says. “He made them eat their words.” READ MORE ...

Career Fair September 27

career fair logo.jpgAre you looking for a rewarding career in the DD field? Come out to the Career Fair September 27! Immediate positions are available with our provider partners. READ MORE

Team Offices Have Moved

_SMPIMG_medium_liberty center photo - edited smaller.jpgAll Board employees are now housed in either our Liberty-Fairfield location: 5645 Liberty-Fairfield Road in Hamilton, or in our Janet Clemmons Center location: 282 N. Fair Avenue in Hamilton. Read more.



Bill signed to remove "R-word"

_SMPIMG_small_gov 2.jpgRepresentatives from our Board were with Ohio Gov. John Kasich on July 13 as he was in Cincinnati to sign an important bill that removes the “R-word” from state law and replaces it with the term “intellectual disability.” Although all County Boards changed their names back in 2009, until the passing of this bill, state statute still included the “R-word.” Read more.

New STABLE accounts
_SMPIMG_medium_stable 3 .jpgSTABLE accounts are made possible by the ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) of 2014.The benefits of the STABLE accounts are: tax-free earnings from your savings account ... Read More.  
Roommate Finder tool
_SMPIMG_medium_rmf graphic.jpg

We understand how important it is to find a roommate who wants a similar lifestyle and who shares the interests of you or your loved one. We developed Roommate Finder as an easy and effective way to find a compatible roommate in your area. Read More.



Just Right Video
_SMPIMG_medium_just right .jpg

The self advocacy group Speak Up is creating a series of videos featuring superhero Mr. Right and his sidekick Mrs. Responsibility. The videos are intended to help people with disabilities to understand their rights and responsibilities. Read more ...





InsideOut Studio opens downtown Hamilton

InsideOut Studio's retail space in downtown Hamilton is officially open! The store is located in downtown Hamilton, in the former Elder-Beerman building on High Street. Read more.





Ongoing work to Erase the R Word
Erase the R Word - Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Hamilton, Ohio

_SMPIMG_medium_erase the R 1.jpgWe love this story - Cleveland Browns player Joe Haden has a message for anyone using the R-word as slur: stop. Click here to read the full story.





Young man thrives at his first job

_SMPIMG_small_Chase 06.jpgChase Montgomery uses inflection and facial expressions to help get his points across. His favorite word is “Yeah” and he can say it dozens of different ways. Once anyone has been around him awhile, they know what he means. Chase, 22, has apraxia, which is a muscle disorder...Read More.



Business partnership profoundly impacts lives
_SMPIMG_medium_TKB 19.jpg

Although he’d wanted a job more than anything, 37-year-old Delbert Hensley had never had a permanent, full-time job – until this year.

“I’ve been doing temp services all my life,” he said. “You name it, I did it. For a person with a disability, the most you can usually get is a little $8-an-hour job and the work is so hard you can barely do it.”...Read More.



“I wish everyone was more like Aaron”

_SMPIMG_small_Aaron Pugh 07.jpgFor some people, spending every weekday evening cleaning up after a bunch of school children might feel like a menial job, but for Aaron Pugh, it’s “living the real life.”  “Without it, I would be nothing,” he said one evening as he began his shift at Middletown’s Wildwood Elementary School. Without this job, “I would just glue my butt to the couch and feel like a big crybaby, but now I get out there and do what people do in real life.”...Read More